Not quite the history of karaoke but a fun watch :)

The love and passion for singing has been in the nature of humanity ever since the world began. People of all ages love to jam and sing along with their favorite songs in their leisure time, and this must have been one of the many reasons why karaoke machines were invented. But what are karaoke machines, really? And how did karaoke machine rental become one of the most essential things to have in a party or other social gatherings?

Karaoke is a Japanese term that literally means “empty orchestra.” It has been named so because it is, basically, an “empty” machine that allows people to sing along with recorded music through a video that they could play whenever they want. It could get as interactive as it could be, as long as there’s an available microphone and a set of good songs to choose from.

Karaoke, or having recorded music in general, started because artists having to perform live all the time created a huge impractical problem. However it was during the 60s when “sing-alongs,” or the moment in television when lyrics are flashed as a song plays, were first introduced by the Americans.

However, the first karaoke machine was developed in the 70s but there is no available information as to who really patented it. But it was the Japanese company called Clarion who first made the machine available commercially.

It was during the 80s when the karaoke party machine made its way to the business world. Entrepreneurs started to put them in hotels and bars as a way of letting the customers relax and enjoy the time they spend in their establishments. This was later on called the “karaoke box.”

During the 90s, the karaoke fever further spread to the rest of Asia, but failed to completely capture the Western audience. Still, karaoke machines maintained popularity, especially in family gatherings and birthday parties because it has provided a kind of interactive entertainment for the people in parties. This was the start of karaoke machine rentals, where people rent a karaoke machine for a couple of hours of enjoyment in exchange for money. Some of these are arcade-type and used coins for every song play. These machines also started to use remote controls and commercial content as opposed to the traditional laser discs.

Many other variations of the karaoke machine were developed as the years passed. As the 2000s approached, the karaoke machine evolved into a home-theater kind of machine. They were incorporated with home theater systems and some even had a microphone with numbers that is solely dedicated to singing karaoke. These microphones act similar to the remote controls of the 90s. In fact, today, anybody could have a karaoke machine in their homes.

Karaoke machines can be found in various leisure places today: homes, bars, hotels, clubs, and even in amusement arcades. But what really makes karaoke machine rental special despite its availability today is in the manner it is presented to the people. Big karaoke machines that resemble the original ones speak more “party” and “fun” in contrast with boring home theater system look-alikes. They also provide better sound quality and more choices since they were specifically designed for that purpose, and nothing more.